What is the possibility in men: why do problems arise and how to prevent them?

It is important for everyone to have good sexual health. Men take this factor very seriously, because their body's ability to have sex greatly affects their self-esteem and confidence. When men have problems in their sex life, they become insecure and irritable.

What is the effect?

What is the potential in men

Male competency is the ability of a male body to perform sexual intercourse that brings pleasure to both partners. A full sex life is essential for a man's growth and well-being. Many people equate the word "potential" with the term "erection". However, not only the erection affects the potency. Attraction to the opposite sex, quality and duration of intercourse are crucial for a good sex life.

Symptoms of low potency in males are manifested:

  • weak or not erect;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • lack of a sexual desire;
  • male indifference.

Male impotence is a medical condition based on a violation of the physiological ability of the penis to get an erection.

Factors influencing men's strength

Effect issues can indicate a man's stress, psychological problems or health problems.

Also, the following factors negatively affect male strength:

  • smoking and alcohol;
  • age;
  • prostatitis and diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • overweight;
  • some drugs;
  • too much physical activity or lack of it;
  • relationship with partner.

A man's sexual ability varies with age. Potency in men 60 years of age and older is often worse, which is associated with decreased production of the male hormone testosterone, changes in atherosclerosis in the blood vessels and diseases of the endocrine system.

Many men of this age have prostatitis due to sedentary lifestyles. Reduced potency with prostatitis occurs quite often.

what factors influence male strength

Some men display poor competency even at a young age. A young man has a capacity problem due to an unhealthy lifestyle, has inflammation of his pelvic organs and drinks too much alcohol. Various hormonal disruptions can slow blood flow to the genitals.

Men with erectile dysfunction try to hide their sexual deprivation by all means.

Chronic Causes of Disease

The reasons for the potency are often chronic. Prostatitis and untreated sooner or later can also lead to impotence. Varicocele disease does not directly affect potency. However, the complications associated with the disease, the pain, stress and anxiety resulting from the course of the disease can reduce a man's sexual power.

As blood pressure increases, the elasticity of blood vessels decreases and blood flow to the penis decreases. Half of the men with high blood pressure experience a soft penis during intercourse.

During the treatment of hypertension, drugs prescribed also decrease effectiveness. Chronic thyroid disease and diabetes also reduce libido.

How can I prevent impotence?

In order to prevent impotence for a man, it is important that he monitor his health and nutrition:

  1. Get rid of bad habits.
  2. Review your diet. Include healthy foods that contain vitamins and minerals in your diet. The trace element zinc increases testosterone, it is found in oysters, pumpkin seeds, diet meat and fish, nuts and grains.
  3. Execute more.
  4. Have a normal sex life.
  5. Get rid of constant stress and anxiety.

Diet for impotence plays an important role in the treatment.

Check and adjust effect

Doctors conduct validity checks in a number of ways:

effective adjustment method
  1. Biological measurements.Determine the sensitivity of the penis glans using the device that generates vibrations.
  2. Pharmacodynamic mapping of the vessels of the penis.It involves measuring the blood flow in the vessels of the penis using several substances.
  3. Blood test.Helps to set testosterone hormone levels, determine cholesterol and test for diabetes.
  4. Blood test for PSA level.High levels of prostate-specific antigens may indicate the presence of prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

Being helpless at a young age definitely can't be an ordinary variation.

How to maintain the effect?

In order to preserve the long-term effect, it is important to take care of your health from a young age. Healthy sleep, proper nutrition and sports of all ages will have an effect not only on sex but also on other systems of the male body. See your doctor promptly if you experience any kind of illness.

Ways to return effect

What do you need for good effect? In order to improve the capacity of men, medicines and folk remedies are used. For good effect, psychological factors and family background are also very important. During treatment, it is important to provide moral support for the man and reduce unnecessary stress for him.


Drugs are prescribed by a doctor and must be taken according to the doctor's recommendations. These funds normalize the work of blood vessels, restore male strength and stimulate an erection.

Getting rid of impotence in some cases becomes difficult.

In addition to drugs, your doctor may prescribe a gel, ointment, or injection.

Folk remedies: How to increase efficiency at home

At an early stage of male strength problems, traditional medicine is used in combination with preventive measures.

Folk remedies increase poetry

The most effective alternatives to impotence treatment are:

  1. St. John's wort sharp.
  2. Pigment of the hop cone.
  3. Ground walnuts ground with honey.
  4. The broth of hawthorn and sage.

Combination of physical exercises

Exercising that improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs will naturally increase the man's ability. There certainly won't be a quality effect from a few sessions per month; Regularity is very important in exercises. Yoga classes increase potency, as they not only affect a man's organs and muscles, but also reduce stress and irritability.

Most powerful exercises:

  1. Butterfly.Lie on your back, bend your knees, and bring your feet toward your buttocks. On the exhale, the bent legs spread to the side and back.
  2. "Aries".This exercise improves blood circulation, which is an excellent preventive measure against varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
  3. Squatting.Reduces congestion and has a positive effect on the prostate gland.


The good effect depends on many physical and psychological factors. Lack of stress, proper nutrition, exercise, a regular sex life - all of these have the effect of boosting a man's strength in bed. If problems persist, do not delay visiting your doctor. Complex treatment will effectively restore potency and restore self-confidence.